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There are many different companies that manufacture hearing aids, and an even greater number of brands, as some manufacturers produce more than one brand. Here is how we rank the different companies:
(1) Siemens - German technology conglomerate founded in the 1800s that has been making hearing aids for many decades.
Product lines include: Pure (ultra-small), Motion (basic BTE/ITE models), Life (easy fit BTE), Nitro (sever hearing loss), Explorer (children).

(2) Sonic Innovations - American company started in 1990s by a group of researchers and professors that offers some of the most technologically advanced hearing aids on the market. Product lines include:
Pearl (ultra-small BTE), Velocity (basic BTE), Endura (high-powered BTE), Ion (OTE), Balance (all types), Applause (all types), Natura Pro and Quartet (affordably priced).

(3) Phonak - Swiss company founded in the 1940s that is today one of the global leaders in hearing aid devices.
Product lines include: Audeo (ultra-small BTEs and ITEs), Versata, Certena, Exelia (all types), Naida (profound hearing loss), Eleva, Una, eXtra, Milo Plus (affordably priced BTEs and ITEs), MicroPower (BTEs), Nios Micro (children).    

(4) GN ReSound - subsidiary of Danish conglomerate GN Store Nord with experience in making hearing aids going back to the 1940s. Product lines include:
Alera (high end BTEs), Be (open fit ITEs), Dot2 (ultra-small BTEs), Live (regular BTEs), Essense and Ziga (affordably priced BTEs and ITEs), Sparx (profound hearing loss), Azure (open fit BTEs and ITEs), X-plore (active lifestyle).

(5) Widex - another Danish company, Widex has been making hearing aids since the 1950s. Product lines include:
CLEAR (high-end BTEs), Mind (various BTEs and ITEs), Passion (ultra-small RICs), Inteo and Flash (natural hearing), Real and Bravo (affordably priced).

(6) Oticon - the third Danish company among the top 10 brands, Oticon was originally an importer of hearing aids, but then began manufacturing in the 1940s. Product lines include:
Agil (all types), Dual (upscale BTEs), Acto (standard BTEs), Chili and Sumo (profound hearing loss), Hit (affordably priced BTEs and ITEs), Vigo, Delta, Tego, Go (various types).

(7) Starkey - American manufacturer of hearing aids founded in the 1960s with a number of celebrity clients. Product lines include: 
S Series (all types), OtoLens Series (ultra-small CICs), Zon Series (difficult environments), Destiny Series (standard BTEs).

(8) Miracle-Ear - American company that both manufactures and retails hearing aids, founded in the 1940s. Product lines include: 
ME-1 (high end), ME-2 (mid-range), ME-3 and ME-4 (affordably priced).

(9) Beltone - American hearing aid manufacturer founded in the 1940s. Product lines include:
Invisa (CICs), Petite Plus and Opera Plus (ITCs), Optima (ITEs), One! and Mia (BTEs), EDGE, Marq, and Touch (OTEs).

(10) Rexton - American hearing aid manufacturer that is owned by Siemens, but continues to make hearing aids under its brand name. Product lines include:
Insite (high-end BTEs), Cobalt and Gem (mid-range BTEs), Bridge (BTEs and ITEs), Day and Arena (affordably priced).

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