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The latest in digital hearing technology has made possible a range of features that makes today's hearing aids them seem more like futuristic space age devices than clunky earpieces. Many of these features are incorporated into a device that is so small as to be nearly invisible. This is great news for individuals who suffer from hearing loss as it makes it possible to maintain a high quality of life despite the impairment. The specific feature set will vary by brand and by model, and will have a direct bearing on the price.
Noise cancellation, also referred to as noise reduction, is a feature which dampens or eliminates background noise from the sound filtering into the user's ear via the hearing aid. This makes for a more focused and less distracting aural experience.

Directional microphones allow the user to pick up sounds emanating from a specific source, such as a speaker, a radio, or a television set, by filtering out waves coming in from other directions. Many hearing aids with directional microphones allow the user to either turn on or turn off this functionality as needed.

Remote controls allow the user to control device settings without having to physically touch the hearing aids inside their ears. Typically, a remote control will provide simple button control over such elements as sound volume, directionality, and filtering.

Bluetooth wireless supports interaction between the hearing aid and other technologies, such as specially enabled cell phones, computers, televisions, and GPS locators. This allows sounds to be transferred digitally, enabling a highly enhanced hearing experience.

Voice activation provides the user with the ability to have spoken commands picked up and executed by the hearing aid, whether it be to adjust its controls or to communicate wirelessly with another device, such as a telephone.

Artificial intelligence turns the hearing aid into a highly sophisticated sound wave analyzer that has the capability to enhance or dampen individual sound sources in order to provide the most natural hearing experience possible.

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