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The sense of hearing is an incredibly important component of the way people experience life. When individuals begin to lose this sense, the negative effects can be profound. From both a physical and a psychological standpoint, hearing impairment is a very difficult affliction. However, by understanding hearing aid technology, people can, in most cases, restore much of their ability to take full part in the life around them.
The purpose of this site is to provide both some free overview information for individuals who are interested in buying the best possible hearing aid for their needs and to offer, at the significantly discounted price of less than one dollar, a downloadable guide that considers every aspect of hearing with the help of a digital aid in much greater detail.

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Designs section describes the main hearing aid configurations that are available on the market at this time. The general trend has been toward miniaturization and reduced visibility, as most individuals who suffer from hearing loss prefer a more discreet hearing aid that does not make their condition obvious to the people around them. It may surprise you to learn just how far this trend has extended.
Best Brands section presents our view on which are the highest quality manufacturers of hearing aid products out there, and provides a little background on their respective businesses. You may be interested to discover that three of the top 10 brands are owned by companies that are based in the same small European country.
Features section explains both common and advanced components that may be available with a hearing aid. Certain features are available on a majority of hearing aid products, while others are specific to particular designs. At times, there is a tradeoff between having a less visible, smaller hearing aid, and having one that offers a broad range of features.

Prices section sets some general expectations with respect to the cost of a hearing aid product. The specific price will very by brand, model, and feature set. However, it is beneficial to have an idea of what to expect so that you can plan ahead.

Finally, if you would like an in-depth, highly detailed guide to hearing aids, we provide an ebook that contains virtually everything an informed consumer would want to know about hearing aids. To learn more about this guide and decide if you would like to download it, click on this link:

As you peruse this site, please keep in mind that this is NOT a medical resource and if you have any questions regarding the specifics of your hearing impairment, or whether a hearing aid is appropriate for you, then you should consult a licensed physician.

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