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The cost of a hearing aid will vary greatly depending on the specific brand, model, and feature set.
A hearing aid can represent a significant investment. What makes this even more challenging is that most health insurance companies will not cover the cost of a hearing aid. Specialized auxiliary insurance is available, but over the long run it may end up costing more money than it saves.

Most hearing aid manufacturers offer devices in three broad price bands: high-end / premium, mid-range / standard, and affordable / budget-priced. Generally, the affordable band will run $500 to $1,500, the standard band will run $1,500 to $3,500, and the high-end band will run $3,500 to $6,000.

It is possible to find a hearing aid for less than $400, but often this will be a sub-par product from a little known manufacturer. Given the differences in quality, it may make sense to spend a few more hundred dollars, but know that you are getting a product that will truly make a positive difference in your life.

If you are less price-sensitive and trying to determine whether it is worthwhile to spend the extra on a high-end product, it really depends on your particular situation. Generally, individuals who are more active and who enjoy using the latest in computer and telecommunications gadgets will get the most benefit out of the advanced features of a premier hearing aid.

Regardless of which price band you select, it is advisable that you ask for a trial period before you commit to purchasing a hearing aid. That is the only way to really be sure that a particular device is right for your needs.

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